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Create Colossal Cash Flow To Infinity - Stacking The Odds and Evens In Your Favor

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You can make over $5,000+ per referral !! More on this later . .

Everyone starts with just $11 (plus a $2.50 processor fee), and the very first referral you make pays you back 100% ($11), which activates the powerful Easy ODDs Money Machine!

Each 'ODD' number $11 sale you personally generate starts a 100% ODD Powerline which can also produce 100% Matching EVEN-UP Bonuses for you (see below for details). That means sale numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and so on to infinity are your 100% ODD Powerline Sales.

You earn $11 direct referral commissions on every single odd number sale that is coded to you and automatically tracked as your ODDS Personal Powerline (this direct referral commission can go All The Way Up To $5,000+ Per Referral with no additional effort on your part - More on this later).

Your 2nd ('EVEN' number), sale starts a 100% INFINITY CODED MATCHING BONUS. This 100% Match on ALL sales generated by your personally sponsored EVENS 'they receive' is the key that opens the unlimited income money flood gates for you (see below).

This is a 50% commission or $5.50 in this example (can go up to a Extraordinary $2,500+ with no additional effort on your part - more on this later).

EVEN referral bonuses from these sales goes to your sponsor (ALL 'even number' sales do). The amazing part - you Do Not give this referral up completely to Never Get Paid from their efforts.

That's where getting paid from the ODDS and EVENS come into play... Pure Genius and patent pending.

See what happens when your Personally referred 'EVEN' number referrals begin receiving 'their own' EVEN-UP sales - CLICK HERE:

It doesn't matter if you pass sales up because,...



Obviously, you have seen the power above of how all your 'EVEN' number sales went to your Sponsor right?

Power? Yea . . stay with us for a moment . .

That is the exact same way it will work for you too. Every 2nd sale and every 'even' number sale thereafter, made by EVERYONE through your ODDS-Personal PowerLine members 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, etc. will come to YOU!

That's exciting but, that's not the gist of it:

Not only do you get $5.50 on All of these to Infinity - It can pay you up to $2,500+ on each referral. How? Progressive Power Payments.

There are 10 Progressive Power Levels, see details - CLICK HERE

But, what about the 'Breaking All The Rules' part? . .

You can make up to $5,000+ from Every ODD referrral !! But, that's NOT the half of it . .

Here's where it gets really exciting -- the ingenious twist that makes this system work so well... Your personally reffered 'EVEN' members you passed up to your sponsor (same thing happening to you above), do something very special for you.

When your personally referred receive 'EVEN' payments of their own - you get a 100% Matching Bonus on every single one of them up to $2,500 each. They could receive hundreds to thousands of these and you get a 100% Matching Bonus on Each and EVERY one of them - to infinity !!

No Longer, will you EVER pass up a Heavy-Hitter and MISS OUT on their production - NEVER!!

Are you beginning to get the picture now? Can you see the True Power of  X, Progressive Power Payments, and Inevitable Massive Profits here? - Witness The Power - CLICK HERE


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Got questions?  Get Answers,...

Q. Product?
A. Online Digital Advertising
Q. Processors?
A. Payza, Solid Trust Pay
Q. Cost?
A. $11 one-time

Q. Refunds?
A. No refunds. Period.
Q. Question not answered?
A. Click button below for detailed FAQ ...

100% ODDS

Earn 100% on ALL Odds

Earn $11 to $5,000 per each referral, to infinity, on ALL Odds, to ever hit your business.

This is an amazing feature that can catapult your earning potential to new heights,..


Even Infinity bonus up to $2,500

All Evens pay out to infiity and range from $5.50 to $2,500.

Even when a personal referral passes up, you STILL get this EVENS TO INFINITY bonus (as long as you are upgraded to that level).



Targeted Ads Product - world wide opportunity

Both our opportunity and products are world wide.

Gain instant access to both using your computer, tablet, laptop, cell phone or other devices,...


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Q: Is this a One-time Pay?

A: Yes, $11 one-time product purchase (plus $2.50 processor fee)

(you may purchase larger Ad Packs and they too, are a One-time product purchase).

Q: What is the Product?

A: We sell Ad packages

Q: What payment processor do you use?

A: Payza and Solid Trust Pay

Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?

A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Q: Can I get a Refund?

A: We put this "high" in the FAQs so that there are Zero Questions on this. No Refunds. Period. Due to the nature of our business model.

Q: How many levels is this Program?

A: Depending on your level of participation, it can be a one level program all the way up to 10 levels.

Q: Can a member be moved once signed up?

A: Absolutely Not - Once anyone is placed, they cannot be moved under any circumstance.

You have the ability to note the correct sponsor and even change this on the join page. No Exceptions.

Q: How Much Can I Earn?

A: $11 to Millions (depends on you and your team's efforts - i.e. how many ad packages are sold).

Q: How does the Comp Plan work?

A: See comp. plan - Click Here

Q: Is there a step-by-step guide?

A: Yes, just login and follow the Easy Success 1-2-3 Blueprint

Q: When do I get paid?

A: Usually within 24 hrs of your withdrawal request (unless payment processor is holding funds for possible fraud).

Q: Is there a minimum withdrawal?

A: $11 (made on your very first sale).


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“its really very amazing app that makes me money even while ia sleep.  I got All of my money back on the very first sale then, this thing went into overdrive.  Every other sale I made I got 100% of the sale.  On the others, which multiply like crazy, I got the matching bonuses.  Truly amazing system I tell you.”

“First of all there's no way to lose here.  You get it all back immediately and it is all profits from there.   And, not just the small profits either.  I upgraded as fast as I could and so far, that's exactly what everyone else is doing.  I am really loving this.”

“At first view, looks like a nice innovative rewards system.  Put forth a little effort and it pays off Big Time.  Our Team is paying it forward and that opens up a whole new ball game.  It puts everyone's business on steroids.”


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Easy Odds for 2017
$ 11/plus $2.50 proc. fee
One-time payment
  • Targeted Ad Credits
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